20 facts about myself

#1   a Virgo Baby.
#2   I love Chicken feet.
#3   I love travelling but I hate flying.
#4   Enjoyed going into the aircon room after shower.
#5   Everyone thinks I am younger than my actual age.
#6   Studied in UK for 4 years.
#7   Enjoyed the balance of city life and country life.
#8   Love to be alone sometimes.
#9   Love sunset a lot.
#10 I have my own theories on certain things which others wouldn’t understand it.
#11 I wouldn’t mind staying home reading a book for the whole day.
#12 I actually always wanted a little sister, who I can play with.
#13 Most of my close friends are guys.
#14 Love my family especially my parents.
#15 I always wanted to go to north pole.
#16 Always wish that my honeymoon could be in an isolated island, chilling, and enjoying the slow pace of life.
#17 I don’t mind cooking for my family, but i hate cleaning after cooking.
#18 I have a baby pillow that stays with me ever since I was little.
#19 I always thinks that my parents have reasons on their decision.
#20 Always hoping my first love to be last.