"Probably one of the worst night ever. I didn’t realise this is the first time I cried so much for you. My heart is hurting so much, knowing this is actually how our relationship. I’m not as important as im supposed to be. I know it’s wrong to trust all the harsh words. No matter what I’m the being too dependent on you, and misses you way too much. It’s time to be more independent and be strong. Things will eventually work out."
"世界上最難受的事就是你愛的人不相信你,覺得你所說的一切是給自己找藉口,和他不離你。 😔"
"I don’t want to be alone"
"Regret for asking .."
"Should I go or not ?"
"Hate it"
On an insomnia night

On an insomnia night

"i wish you are here"
"The more I understand the less I know. Getting lost, and tired 😔 I don’t hope this is coming."
"Stop it … =("